Certificate Programme in Genome Informatics (CPGI)
Become a DATA SCIENTIST in Genomics
Programme Starts: 4th September 2016


With the rapid advancement in the Next Generation Sequencing Technology, Genome Informatics has emerged as a niche and indispensable stream to handle the challenges of Genomics “BIG DATA”.  Genome Informatics is a discipline that encompasses an ideal combination of knowledge of both Genomics and Informatics to interpret huge amount of DNA sequence data (combination of the code of life, i.e A T G C).  There is an inevitable huge demand for people with skill-sets that overlap sound understanding of Biological concepts and core competency in Informatics.

Programme Overview

The CPGI (Certificate Programme in Genome Informatics) is a combination of theory and technology aided practical platforms for hands-on learning experience.  CPGI is rigorous and challenging programme where only 10 intensely dedicated and motivated participants will be selected on merit.  The 4 months long CPGI will cover indepth training and exposure to the aspects of basic and applied Genomics, Statistics, Data Mining, Data Visualization, Data Management, Data Analytics and Critical Thinking.  In short, CPGI will essentially provide technical perspective and advanced level training to manage and analyze Genomics “BIG DATA”

Why should you join this programme?

  • The demand for Genome Informatics professionals (DATA SCIENTIST) is skyrocketing and trend is propelling in an upward direction
  • Rising Skill-Gaps is fueling the demand for Genome Informaticians and demand will only increase
  • According to report in reputed “Science” journal recent edition: Big data is pouring out of life sciences research, creating ample opportunities for scientists with computer science expertise: Explosion In Bioinformatics Career
  • BIG Pharma, Healthcare, IT-Sector and Academia is looking for professional who have multitude of skills and combination knowledge of Genomics and Informatics.
  • Placement guaranteed for top 5 students and remaining 5 will get placement assistance.

Last Date of Application: 14th August 2016

For more information or any queries, please contact Course Co-Ordinator

Course Co-Ordinator
Ms. Soumita
 +91 8971029754

Course Moderators

Dr. Rahul Modak,
KIIT School of Biotechnology
Mr. Rohit Shukla,
Bionivid Technology
Dr. Mihir R. Nayak,
KIIT School of Advanced Skill

Eligibility Criteria

M.Sc/B.Tech/M.Tech in Life Sciences/Biotechnology and related fields. Life Sciences, Researchers and Post-Doctoral Scholars, MBBS, Medical Practitioners and Clinicians.

Programme fee

INR 40,000 plus tax the fee covers the following:

  • Admission fee
  • Tuition fee
  • Course material

Programme Date

4th September, 2016

Last Date to Apply

14th August, 2016


(1 Month) – Theoretical Sessions
KIIT (School of Biotechnology) Campus, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

(3 Months) – Hands on Practical Sessions
Bionivid Genome “IT” Centre, Bangalore, Karnataka

Course Modules

Name of Module Content
Level 1
(Molecular Biology)
Concepts of DNA, RNA
Central dogma of life (replication, transcription, translation)
Genome and introduction to Genomics
Experimental Techniques in Genomics
Level 2
(Core Informatics)
Linux Operating System
Unix Command Line Tools
PERL, PHP, Python, Core Java
Database Programming
Open and Windows Office
Level 3
(Introduction of Genomics)
Introduction to Sequencing Technology
Introduction to NGS Technology & Platforms
Applications of NGS in Genomics Research
Introduction to Genomics “BIG DATA” and Datatypes
Level 4
(Applications of GenomeIT)
Introduction to DNA-Seq Analysis Strategies, Workflow and Pipelines DNA-Seq Analysis (De-Novo & Re-Sequencing approaches)
Introduction to RNA-Seq Analysis Strategies, workflows and Pipelines RNA-Seq Analysis (De-Novo & Re-Sequencing approaches)
Introduction to small RNA-Seq Analysis Strategies,Workflow and Pipelines Small RNA-Seq Analysis
Level 5 (Mini project) Mini Project on one of the above applications (Application will be decided based on mid-programme asessment)