The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul. It bleeds from the pen of inspiration, innovation and instincts. It teaches you that life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain. It is a habit. It sets you free, as boundless as the sky. It never goes out of style. It opens up your imagination to show you things that others can’t perceive. It is not a hobby, it is a way of life.

Aakriti has successfully hosted the following series of events to bring out the creativity from the souls of the dreamers:

• Collage making competition

Aakriti had opened with a bang through this collage making competition with the theme of “BYGONE 2013”, where participants had to describe the important events of the bygone year through their collage.

• Portray

A painting competition conducted under the theme of “DICHROME” using just the shades of blue and white.

• Face painting

It was a competition conducted under the theme “AFTER LIFE” where the participants described their views about after life by using the face as their canvas.

• T-Shirt painting

In this event the participants were given the task to portray the meaning of “MUSIC” using a t-shirt as their canvas.

• Best out of waste

The event conducted under the name “TRASH-O-MANIA” unleashed the potential of the participants to create useful things from waste materials.

• Gallery

Aakriti displayed the artworks of various artists, hidden under the veil of students in the gallery ‘STOP AND STARE’.


Bhabani Shankar Panigrahy (President)
Sounak Chowdhury (Vice President)
Sree Soundarya Tejaswi Karamcheti (conveyor)
Ashutosh Mahapatra
Dipon Sarkar

Suchismita Maiti
Ananya Pal
Basu Bhattacharjee
Abhirup Dasgupta
Bhaskar das

Sir Vicktor Alexander had said, “Inside of all of us there is the need and the desire to be heard, to have our innermost thoughts, feelings and desires expressed for others to hear, to see and to understand. We all want to matter to someone, to leave a mark."

Escalada, being the Literary Society of KIIT School of Biotechnology, aims to elevate the intellectual quotient of the students.  The Club provides a platform  for students to nourish and polish their calibre in English Language by organising various competitions like debates, turncoats, extempores, elocutions and creative writing competitions that will allow them to think and bring their perspective to light.

We believe that there could be a Shakespeare or a Obama even in that shy student sitting in that corner of the class. We intend to inspire talents to break out of their cocoons and bathe in the starlight they deserve. We intend to inspire people to soar higher and higher. We intend to send a message that Believe in your dreams, because then, even the Sky is not the limit.

We believe in the power of words.

"Words are so powerful. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest hearts.”

Patrick Rothfuss


1. Turncoat March 9, 2013
2. Movie Screening - Life of Pi March 16, 2013
3. Diction (Extempore) April 15, 2013
4. X-Chrome (painting) August 17,2013
5. Scriven (writing) August 17, 2013
6. Turncoat October 19,2013
7. Kavya (poem writing) April 5, 2014
8. Mindscape (sketching) April 5, 2014
9. Erudite (elocution) August 9, 2014
10. Group Discussion August 29,2015
11. Renegade (Turncoat) October 10, 2015


Nayanika Chatterjee, President
Naheed Arfin Borah, Vice-president
Souvik Saha, Secretary
Tripti Khute
Tejas Tanmay
Konika Choudhury
Sucheta De
Tarosi Senapati
Deepa Rani Raushan
Aishwarya Prasannan

Saikat Banerjee
Shradha Satpathy
Priyanka Mishra
Shweta Trishna
Aman Bhushan
Atrayee Chatterjee
Annesha Chatterjee
Tania Dey
Anirban Bose

Drama  is the specific mode of fiction represented in performance. In order to understand social and dynamic significances dramatic art is necessary. We believe, to ascertain the difference between the functions of art for art’s sake and art as the mirror of life. Educational theatre and drama practitioners have believed in the efficacy of their work for a long time, but until now it has rarely been measured with scientific tools.

Dance  is a type of art that generally involves movement of the body, often rhythmic and to music. It is performed in many cultures as a form of emotional expression, social interaction, or exercise, in a spiritual or performance setting, and  traditions and beliefs has a mythological beginning as well. Centuries ago when the world was steeped in anger and jealousy, greed and desire, pleasure and pain the people went to Brahma to seek an end to this misery. It is said that Brahma created the Natya Veda, the fifth scripture to save humanity from deterioration from moral values. Shiva, the Lord of dance is said to have created the Universe with his Ananda Tandavam, or the dance of joy.

RANGMANCH is the dance and drama club of KIIT School of biotechnology launched on 22ndFebruary, 2014, at the event of KINESIS. Our hypothesis was that educational theatre and drama has an impact on five Competences:

  1. Communication in the mother tongue,
  2. Learning to learn,
  3. Interpersonal, intercultural and social competence,
  4. Entrepreneurship,
  5. Cultural expression.

We aim at bringing upcoming talents to the spotlight, thus enhancing their capability to flourish.


Ojaswita Paul (President)
Rama Mishra  (Vice President)
Suchismita Maiti (designer of the logo)
Mandapaka Rochish
Ishani Dutta
Sirsha Pattanayak
Soumen Ghosh

Suchintak Dash
Ishani Ghoshal
Prateek Tripathi
Subhadeep Banerjee
Upasana Maity
Priyanka Das
Sujit Pradhan


Director's Message
It is with great pride and delight that KIIT school of Biotech is about to celebrate it’s annual fest, Kinesis, 2017, and I am equally proud to see that the magazine Srijan 2017 has come out so well. I congratulate all the coordinators, faculty, and students who have come together to create a lively magazine full of imagination and colourful thoughts. I hope that the creativity and the brilliance will keep flowing in the days to come. Wishing you all the best for your endeavors!