Dr. Santosh Kumar Kar

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  • US patent no: PCT/IB 09/53342: CURCUMIN NANOPARTICLES AND METHODS OF PRODUCING THE SAME. International Application No.: PCT/IB2009/053342. International Filing Date: 31.07.2009, Pub. No.: WO/2010/013224, Publication Date: 04.02.2010
  • United States Patent 7125724 :Method For Identification And/or Diagnosis Of REM Sleep Loss From Blood Samples. Application Number: 10/622128, Filing Date:07/17/2003, Publication Date:10/24/2006.
  • Indian patent 1402 del 98: Process of conjugation of alpha amylase to antibody to form thermostable conjugate for use in immunodetection in ELISA

Selected Publications

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  1. REM sleep deprivation of rats induces acute phase response in liver. Atul K Pandey and Santosh K Kar, BBRC,( in press). DOI information 0.1016/j.bbrc.2011.05.123
  2. Oral delivery of curcumin bound to chitosan nanoparticles cured Plasmodium yoelii infected mice. Feroz Akhtar, M. Moshahid Alam Rizvi, Santosh Kumar Kar. Biotechnology Advances (In press). DOI information 10.1016/ j.biotechadv 2011.05.009
  3. Control of Malaria Santwana Kar and Santosh Kar. Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, 2010, 9, 511-512.
  4. Tetracycline treatment targeting Wolbachia affects expression of an array of proteins in Brugia malayi parasite. Anil Dangi, Satish Vedi, Jeetendra Kumar Nag , Sameer Paithankar, Mahendra Pratap Singh,Santosh Kumar Kar, Anuradha Dube , Shailja Misra- Bhattacharya. PROTEOMICS, 2009, 9 ,4192-4208.
  5. Structural and Functional studies on Ribonuclease S, retro S and retro-inverso S peptides Ipsita Pal Bhowmic, Ramendra Pati Pandey, Gotam Jarori, Santosh Kar, Dinkar Sahal. BBRC. 2007, 364, 608-613.


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