KIIT School of Biotechnology (KSBT) is promoting entrepreneurial spirit among faculties and student members. Interesting ideas are being nurtured, supported and mentored so that it can be translated into establishment of a successful venture. It has helped several faculty members and students of KSBT to start up following enterprises.

Faculty Technopreneurs

KSBT is aiming to establish 10 such faculty driven enterprises in coming years. Main objective of this initiative is to promote bio-manufacturing practices in this part of the country.

Student Technopreneurs

  • Paper production from Chilika weeds
    Mr. Anurag Kyal, Mr. Subhom Debonath and Mr. Snehaish Patro of M.Tech Dual degree in Biotechnology have developed a novel process of making paper from weed plants from Chilika Lake. They have been awarded with DST-Lockheed Martin Gold medal award by DST. They are planning to set up the enterprises near the Chilka Lake and will be supported by Chilika development Authority.
  • Biodiesel production from spent oil
    Mr. Rahul Chaterjee of Integrated MSc Biotechnology, Mr. Tuhin Kumar Dasgupta (IMTH- 7th sem), Shilpi Das (IMTH- 9th sem)  and Ankit Singh (IMTH- 7th sem)  of M.Tech Dual degree in Biotechnology have developed an alternative process of producing bio-diesel from spent oil. This waste oil is collected from several student hostels and hotels and is used to produce biodiesel, wood polish and hand sanitizers.
  • Sanitary napkins from waste plant biomass
    A group of three girl students (Ms. Ria, Ms, Payal & Ms. Rajashree) of M.Tech Dual degree in Biotechnology have developed an innovative process of extracting biopolymers from several waste plant biomass which can be used to develop sanitary napkin for rural women to maintain health and hygiene.

KSBT is aiming to promote 30 such student entrepreneurial teams to create jobs and promote innovation in the area of Biotechnology.