Methpani Heenetimulla
Country- Sri Lanka

“Happy to have chosen KIIT Biotech for my education. Even during this pandemic, the school uses state-of-the-art facilities for virtual teaching, and trying to address individual student’s concern in every possible way.

Mahanga Nyambero
Country- Tanzania

KIIT Biotech is what I would call as “my promised land” that has made me realize my dreams and aspirations. The bridge-course, the student-friendly faculty members, and the grooming sessions make my student life less tiring and more interesting

Fasil Dawit Moges

As a researcher in KIIT Biotech, I have learnt a lot of technicalities of Nanotechnology and thankfully part of my research work has also been filed for patent. I can’t thank my guide and all other faculty members enough for their unreserved support & guide.

Dilushi Shashikala Prabodani Herath
Country- SriLanka

I am proud to become a part of KIIT biotech as a recipient of fully funded scholarship. The concerned mentor, and the encouraging faculty members have been proved to be incredibly instrumental in my overall career development.

Thavindu Dilanka Rathnayake
Sri Lanka

KIIT Biotech, my second home has given me a lot of opportunities not only to explore knowledge through classroom learning, guest lectures, conclaves, and conferences, but also to understand and appreciate Indian festivals, language, cuisine and culture. Proud that I have now grown up to be a more adaptive, pragmatic and responsible individual.

Kavindya Gayapramudi
Country- Sri Lanka

KIIT Biotech is doing a tremendous job for the overseas students like me. Right from the intellectual capital, high quality classrooms, well equipped labs, comforting hostels and medical facilities, to the virtual lectures, classroom assessments, counselling sessions and online exams amid this pandemic, everything is flawlessly carried out at this place.

Chethana kalapitiya
Country- Sri Lanka

KIIT Biotech is an amazing place to explore and enjoy not only academics, but also numerous other cultures and the ethereal beauty of nature. The generosity of my faculty members sparks a flame in my motivation level and will lead me to spark the same in others too.

Mulumba Pius Edgar
Country- Uganda

My most important breakthrough at KIIT Biotech is that this place has made me learn “how to learn independently”. I think this is the greatest gift a teacher can give to his student and I am forever grateful for this incredible gift.

Muhammad Zaher
Abdul Fattah Country- Syria

I joined KIIT Biotech as a post graduate student to pursue my dream in Cancer biology and have an amazing hands on learning experience which has helped me enhance my practical knowledge, skillset and values.

Anu Yadav

Kiit biotech has provided me a wonderful learning and gaining experience through base coursework, lab training, internships and needless to say, this has really helped to decide on my future career path.

Haitham Haj Mohammed
Country- Syria

KIIT Biotech has given me a life-defining experience, where I could fully explore my interest areas to focus on future research. Apart, gaining hands- on learning experience; taking responsibility as a coordinator of International Student Activity; visiting different places of historical significance; accessing various cultures have made my journey at KIIT a worthy one.

Ian Peter Busuulwa
Country- Uganda

Having joined late, I was not quite sure if I would be able to catch up, let alone fit in. However, looking at the efforts of my professors and peers that enabled me to fit in, made me feel right at home. Regarding the academics, there is nothing as motivating as being taught by someone with practical experience in their respective fields. Besides not being able to attend class physically, my experience with KIIT Biotech has been genuinely great.

Country- Uganda  

KIIT Biotech has helped me see my career goal coming to a reality by providing with a global picture of skill application incredibly demonstrated by academic as well as industry experts.

Misgana Asmare

KIIT is the place where I found my true skills and the passion for science. I am incredibly transformed
from the day I joined till present.