-80o C Freezer

Microbiological Laminar Air Flow Hood

  • Used for microbiological experiments.
  • Lawn culture, Streak culture, Isolation of Bacteria and Bacterial culture.

Microbiological Shaker Incubator

  • Used to incubate bacterial cultures in petri plates and tubes.
  • Comes with a shaker inbuilt to incubate broth samples.

pH Meter

  • Used to measure pH of buffers.

Magnetic stirrer with Hot plate

  • Used for dissolving buffers and solutions.
  • Equipped with a hot plate to maintain temperature for heat sensitive solutions.

High Performance Liquid Chromatography Apparatus

Used to detect individual components in a sample mixture.

Gas Chromatography Apparatus

  • Used to separate the chemical components of a sample mixture and then detect them to determine their presence or absence and/or how much is present.

Lyophilizer/ Freeze Drying Apparatus

  • Used to remove excess of water from biological samples for preservation for a long period of time

BD FACS Canto II (Flowcytometer)

  • Stands for Fluorescence Assisted Cell Sorting.
  • Used for variety of purposes like Immunophenotyping, Cell sorting, Apoptosis assay, Cell staining, Cytokine profiling, Cell cycle assay, Proliferation assay

FACS Analyzer

Software used: BD FACS DIVA

Used in tandem with Flow cytometer, helps in visualizing the acquired cells and for primary analysis of the cells.

Inverted Fluorescent Microscope with Camera

  • Used for visualizing components stained with a fluorochrome. The microscope is equipped with a camera that helps in capturing the images.
  • These are highly sensitive and capture the slightest of signals.

Bright Field Microscope, Camera Equipped

  • Used to visualize fixed and live samples. The visualization is based on contrast. Sometimes dyes are used to increase the contrast.

Western Blot Analyzer (ChemiDoc)

  • Used to develop western blots.
  • This is an automated method of developing the blots.
  • The instrument is highly specific and sensitive and captures even the faintest of signals.

Nanodrop (Colibri)

  • Used to quantify DNA, RNA and protein content in the nanogram range.

ELISA Plate Reader

  • Used for taking absorbance readings of samples in a 96 well plate. Used for a variety of purposes like ELISA, Protein Estimation and MTT Assay.

PCR Thermal Cycler

  • Used to set up Polymerase Chain Reaction experiments.
  • Variety of modes are available, Normal PCR, Hotstart PCR, Multiplex PCR can be performed.

2-D PAGE, Protean i12 Apparatus

  • Used for separation and fractionation of complex protein mixtures from tissues, cells, or other biological samples. It allows separation of hundreds to thousands of proteins in one gel.
  • Applications of 2-DE include whole proteome analysis, cell differentiation, detection of biomarkers and disease markers, drug discovery, cancer research, bacterial pathogenesis, purity checks, microscale protein purification, and product characterization.

Fluorescent Microscope (40X only)

  • Used for visualizing components stained with a fluorochrome. The microscope is equipped with a camera that helps in capturing the images.
  • These are highly sensitive and capture the slightest of signals.

Cooling Centrifuge

Centrifuge with cooling function, to maintain low temperatures.

Cooling Waterbath

  • Used for incubating samples at low temperatures (15oC to 37oC)


  • Used for incubating samples at high temperatures (37oC to 95oC)

Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) Apparatus

  • DLS is most commonly used to analyze nanoparticles. Examples include determining nanogold size, protein size, latex size, and colloid size. In general, the technique is best used for submicron particles and can be used to measure particle with sizes less than a nanometer.


Distillation/Filteration Unit

Ice flaker

Rotary Evaporator

  • Equipment used for the processes of evaporation, concentration, crystallization, drying, separation, and solvent recovery in many fields, and it is mainly used for continuous distillation of large amounts of volatile solvents under reduced pressure.


  • Used for taking absorbance of variety of samples mostly for estimating the growth of bacterial cultures.

Real Time PCR Apparatus

Used for performing quantitative/ Real time PCR.

Biosafety Cabinet Level II

Used for animal cell cultures.

Animal Cell Culture CO2 Incubator

Biosafety Cabinet Level II