Archana Ghatak

Assistant Professor

Dr. Archana Ghatak has five years of experience in teaching Enzymology and eight years of experience of teaching Metabolic Pathways in School of Biotechnology, KIIT deemed to be University. Alongside teaching she is also involved in research on biological adhesives, specially, biochemical characterization of adhesive mucus from gastropod mollusks. Her other field of research is purification and characterization non-structural proteins of Chikungunya virus.

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Educational Qualification

  • Isolation of adhesive mucus from snails collected from Eastern India and studies on their adhesive properties
  • Purification and Biochemical Characterization of the Non Structural Protein 3 (nsP3) of Chikungunya virus.

Administrative Responsibility
Member of Laboratory Development Committee and Library Development Committee

Awards & Honours
  • Visiting Research Associateship from Indiana University, USA, 2008
  • Research Associateship from CSIR, India, 2006 – 2008
  • Research Assistantship from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Maryland, USA, 2000 – 2006
  • Department of Biotechnology of India Fellowship for M.Tech. in Biotechnology 1997 – 1999

Journals/Conferences :
1. Verma S, Newar J, Manoswini M, Dhal AK, Ghatak A. Interactions of the nsP3 proteins of CHIKV with the human host protein NAP1 plays a significant role in viral pathogenesis–An in silico study. Human Gene 2023; 36: 201182-201197.
2. Newar J, Verma S, Ghatak A. Effect of Metals on Underwater Adhesion of Gastropod Adhesive Mucus. ACS Omega 2021; 6(24):15580-15589.
3. Ghatak A, Julin DA. Kinetics of ATP-stimulated nuclease activity of the Escherichia coli RecBCD enzyme. J Mol Biol 2006;361:954-68.
4. Ghatak A, Mandal PC, Sarkar M. Indomethacin: A NSAID Sensitive to Micro Heterogeneity in Alcohol-Water Mixture. Chem Phys Lett 2008;460:521-4.
5. Newar J and Ghatak A, Studies on the Adhesive Property of Snail Adhesive Mucus. Langmuir 2015; 31(44):12155–60.