Harekrishna Panigrahi

Assistant Professor

Dr. Harekrishna Panigrahi conducts research in the area of polymer science and engineering, with an emphasis on thermoplastic elastomers, new generation nanomaterials, and nanofillers for polymers, as well as polymer blends and nanocomposites. In 2012, he earned a B.Tech. in plastics engineering from the Central Institute of Plastics Engineering and Technology in Bhubaneswar, and in 2023, he graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology in Patna with a PhD in polymer science and engineering. His current research focuses on polymer blends, nanocomposites, thermoplastic elastomers, new generation nanomaterials, nanofillers for polymers, polymeric-based anticorrosive coatings, polymeric bio-nanocomposite, and various waste-to-wealth projects.

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