Rahul Modak

Associate Professor

Dr. Rahul Modak has more than 18years of research experience in epigenetics, biochemistry, molecular and cell biology and infection biology. His researh group is studying epigenetic regulation of host-pathogen interactions during bacterial infection. They are actively pursuing detailed function analysis of two novel family of bacterial enzymes- acetyltransferase and deacetylases. They are developing new assay systems to study the role of these enzymes during bacterial infection. Dr. Modak’s group is aiming to develop specific inhibitors of bacterial acetyltransferase and deacetylase in future. His group is also interested to develop optimized methods for high density culture for enzyme production in E. coli. Dr. Modak is a passionate teacher who loves to blend his research experience with classroom teaching. He mentors undergraduate students to appreciate nuances of protein biochemistry and enzymology. At post graduate level he teaches basics of non-infectious diseases. Dr. Modak is part of training and placement team of KSBT where he is actively engaged in professional training of students and industry engagements. Dr. Modak did his PhD from Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Bangalore where he studied fatty acid synthesis in malaria parasite Plasmodium falciperum. During his postdoctoral studies in JNCASR, Bangalore, he became immensely interested in epigenetic regulation of host-pathogen interaction during bacterial infection. He also discovered only cell permiable natural inhibitor of an important mammalian acetyltransferase P300/CBP Associated Factor (PCAF). He also worked on epigenetics of neural cell differentiation at Institute of Molecular Biology at Mainz, Germany.

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