Sandeep Kumar Panda

Assistant Professor

Dr. Sandeep Kumar Panda has been trained in different laboratories of ICAR, CSIR, IIT and the University of Johannesburg during his Doctoral and Post Doctoral research career. Research interest of Dr. Panda deliberates in the application of fermentation technology towards the formulation of innovative food and beverages and essential biocommodities. In the current research works the team of Dr. Panda has been focused in the application of microbial technology to underutilized fruits and vegetables for the development of functional foods and beverages. Further, the study is more interesting when it is observed in a molecular level, such as depletion of toxic and risky compounds and generation of health beneficial compounds during the course of fermentation. The morphological and textural changes in the nano-level are important as it affects the organoleptic property of the final product. Dr. Panda’s research work is directed towards food security challenges and poverty among communities of South East Asia and Africa. The team works in interlinking of social engineering to fermentation technology so that the knowledge and technology can be harnessed in the community level for the preservation and bioprocessing of perishable fruits and vegetables. Effective planning and training on fermentation technology in the community level that is useful in generation of revenue in different tribal pockets of India as well as the globe has been one of the important research agendas of Dr. Panda.

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Research Interests
Major areas: Fermentation technology; Food microbiology; Microbial biotechnology

  1. Vitamin biofortification through fermentation of common energy-dense foods of India and South Africa for young children (3-10 years)
  2. Probiotic beverages from the local millets of Odisha

Awards & Honours
  1. Young Scientist Award  for the year 2020 in the category of Dairy and Food Microbiology, conferred by the Association of Microbiologists of India. 
  2. Young Scientist award for the year 2018 in the category of life sciences, conferred by Odisha Bigyan Academy, Govt. of Odisha
  3. Global Excellence Stature Fellowship in 2015 for Post Doctoral Research in University of Johannesburg, South Africa

  1. Life member, Association of Microbiologists of India

Outreach Activity
Works in 'Education for all' program.
Journals/Conferences :
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