Santoshi Mohanta

Assistant Professor

Santoshi Mohanta is a material researcher by training and passion with more than 2 years of teaching and research experience in Chemical Engineering & Material Science with proficiency in Heat transfer, Mass transfer, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Plastics & Polymer Engineering, FRP composites. During doctoral research, she worked on a) development of smart composites embedded with optical fiber sensors for offshore and onshore applications which comprises of the development of epoxy glass based FRP composite structures, evaluation of thermal and mechanical properties of these composites b) understanding the kinetic and rheo-kinetic behavior of nano-filled thermoplastics polymers and their composites and c) extracting fibers from natural sources and manufacturing nanocomposites. Santoshi is skilled in working as an individual and in teams.

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Educational Qualification
PhD-IIT Kharagpur, M.Tech-NIT Durgapur (Chemical Engineering), B.Tech-IGIT Sarang, Odisha (Chemical Engineering)

Awards & Honours
  • Best poster presentation: International Conference on Advances in Polymer Science and Rubber Technology (APSRT): Vision 2030, 2019
  • International travel grant: Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, 2018
  • Teaching assistant: Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, 2015 -2020
  • Institute research fellowship: Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD), Govt. of India, 2015-2020
  • Scholarship for Masters’ study: Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD), Govt. of India, 2013-2015
  • Academic achievement 2015 GATE, Chemical Engineering ranked among the top 9.3% with a score of 436. Qualified GATE in 2013, 2014 and 2015 in Chemical Engineering

  • Member: American Institute of Chemical Engineers
  • Member: American Chemical Society
  • Life Member: Fibre Reinforced Plastics Institute,
  • Life Associate Member: India Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers, India

Outreach Activity
  • Contributed as a resource person in the ATAL FDP on Recycling of Plastics for Sustainable Growth from 10th Jan till 14th Jan.2022 at Central Institute of Petrochemicals Engineering & Technology (CIPET): Institute of Plastics Technology (IPT)
  • Co-Ordinator for the short term course on 'Characterization of Materials' at CIPET:IPT, Bhubaneswar during 24th and 25th February 2022.
  • Co-Ordinator in the Short-Term Course on 'Quality Management System In Industries- ISO 9001:2015’ at CIPET:IPT, Bhubaneswar during 24th and 25th of March 2022.
Journals/Conferences :
Mohanta, S., Padarthi, Y., Chokkapu, S., Gupta, J., & Neogi, S. (2020). Ultra-violet health monitoring of smart composite laminate using embedded fiber Bragg grating sensors. Journal of Composite Materials, 54(22), 3143-3158.

Mohanta, S., Padarthi, Y., Gupta, J., & Neogi, S. (2021). Insight into the nondestructive performance evaluation of fiber‐reinforced polymer composite laminate immersed in produced water using embedded fiber Bragg grating sensor. Polymer Composites, 42(9), 4717-4727.

Mohanta, S., Padarthi, Y., Gupta, J., & Neogi, S. (2020). In-situ determination of degree of cure by mapping with strain measured by embedded FBG and conventional sensor during VIM process. Fibers and Polymers, 21(11), 2614-2624.

Sankhla, S#., Mohanta, S#., Namboothiri, K. K., Kuppusamy, R. R. P., & Neogi, S. (2021). Altered rheokinetic and mechanical behavior of anhydride cured epoxy resin due to addition of cellulose nano-crystals. Carbohydrate Polymer Technologies and Applications, 2, 100124. (Equally contributed as first author)

Padarthi, Y., Mohanta, S., Gupta, J., & Neogi, S. (2021). Assessment of transport kinetics and chemo-mechanical properties of GF/Epoxy composite under long term exposure to sulphuric acid. Polymer Degradation and Stability, 183, 109436.

Padarthi, Y., Mohanta, S., Gupta, J., & Neogi, S. (2022). Quantification of swelling stress induced mechanical property reduction of glass fiber/epoxy composites immersed in aqueous 10% sulphuric acid by instrumenting with distributed optical fiber sensors. Fibers and Polymers, 23(1), 212-221.

Kuppusamy, R. R. P., Neogi, S., Mohanta, S., Chinnasamy, M., Rathanasamy, R., & Uddin, M. (2022). Mechanical, Thermal, and Ablative Properties of Silica, Zirconia, and Titania Modified Carbon-Phenol Ablative Composites. Advances in Materials Science and Engineering, 2022.

Books :
Kuppusamy, R. R. P., Mohanta, S., & Neogi, S. (2022). Molding of Carbon-Epoxy Composite Prepregs for Applications in Aerospace Industries. In Advanced Composites in Aerospace Engineering Applications (pp. 303-318). Springer, Cham.