Shirsendu Banerjee

Assistant Professor

Dr. Shirsendu Banerjee has 3 years of teaching and research and 1 year of industry experience. Dr. Banerjee has previously worked in KL Education Foundation and was an Assistant Professor in Petroleum Engineering Department. Currently working as an Assistant Professor in School of Chemical Technology in KIIT, he is guiding Undergraduate and Post Graduate students in the fields of Reactor Design, Fluid Mechanics, Waste Management and Flow Assurance.He has been working in KIIT since January, 2018 and has been an active and useful member of the institute. Patent Filed for: Ragi based Infant Nutritional Food and Preparation Method thereof, Patent Application Number: 201931033759.

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Mobilizing solutions for nitrogen recycling from air & water systems, UKRI GCRF South Asian Nitrogen Hub (2019-2024), UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), UK. Total Cost: 1.2 crores.

Administrative Responsibility
Hostel Incharge, Mentor, Coordinator

Awards & Honours
Young Scientist award by Indian Chemical Society

  1. Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers
  2. Society of Petroleum Engineers

Journals/Conferences :
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