Shrikant Mishra

Professor , and Head, Technology and Translation Laboratory

A student of science , with 32 years of experience in biotechnology, with 12 biotechnology derived products in regulatory filing, with 23 patents, 32 international publications, and having three life saving products in ICU. One of the product technologies is in the Top Ten selling blockbuster drugs, namely Generic Nulasta. After completing BSc. and MSc. From St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University, New Delhi, India, he pursued his doctoral studies in Biochemistry at Virginia Maryland Regional College Of Veterinary Medicine, Virginia Tech, USA on TNF cytotoxicity pathway. For the post doctoral work, he worked on role of free radicals in preeclampsia(Virginia Tech), protein protein interaction in EGFR, erbB2 and cdc20 signalling(University of Maryland), cloning of putative tumor suppressor psedugene CLP and antisense in breast cancer cells (Mayo Clinic). He returned to India in 1995 and set up to head 120 scientists and associates at Biotechnology Research laboratory (BRL)USV Ltd, Mumbai to make biotechnology derived generic recombinants including hGH, PDGF-BB, Neseritide, PTH(1-34), rEK, G-CSF, PEG-G-CSF, Lucentis, and Fmoc chemistry derived modelled peptides ( eptifibatide, bivalirudine, octreotide). For the recombinant projects, his direct role was in plasmid construction, expression optimization protocols, development of process technology, process and analytical technology transfer. For Fmoc derived products his direct role was in synthesis flow diagram, process development and scale up optimization. He also worked with several Dept. Of Biotechnology (DBT) projects. He is trained in molecular biology / organic chemistry /biophysics multitasking led technology development and troubleshooting for biotech drugs. He has helped various companies like Sun Pharma , Intas Biopharma, and USV , in the development of biotechnology derived products. At present he is Head Of Technology & Translational Research Laboratory and teach MSc Final Year and MTech Biotechnology students.

In the M.Tech Thesis: Exosome Manufacture & Development (M. Tech Thesis , May,2022)

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Educational Qualification
  1. Post Doctoral Mammalian Genetics, Mayo Clinic Rochester 1994
  2. Post Doctoral Cell & Molecular Biology ,University Of Maryland Baltimore ,1993
  3. Post Doctoral Clinical Biochemistry ,Virginia Tech ,Blacksburg 1992 ; PhD Biochemistry ,Virginia Tech ,Blacksburg 1991
  4. MSc. Physics ,St. Stephen’s College Delhi University, Delhi 1982
  5. BSc. Hons.Physics St. Stephen’s College Delhi University, Delhi 1980.

Doctoral Project
  • Differential TNF-alpha cytotoxicity in Abelson Murine Leukemia Virus(A-MULV) transformation model.
Post Doctoral Projects
  • Role of free radicals in preeclampsia, as monitored by electron spin resonance spectrophotometry.
  • Anti-cancer effects of O-Phospho-L-Tyr
  • Effect of AZT on cytopenia/ neutropenia in a murine AIDS model .
  • IFN-gamma in modulation of EGF-R activation in a breast cancer model.
  • Microtiter ELISA for Tyr-phosphatase.
  • Cloning of Calmodulin like protein as a suspected tumor suppressor in breast cancers.
  • Conjugates of Vi Polysaccharide as typhoid vaccine in infants(DBT Project)
Projects In E. Coli Genetics
  • Making of double induction vector, novel metal binding tag, double ori vector, cloning of : T-7 polymerase, pho, deo, rrnb,neo, gale, galU, galK, TF-Tu, ompF, BAD operon, araC, Lon, pel,
  • Making of E. Coli expression vectors that yield recombinant product at > 10 gm/ Lit,
  • Development of 18 chimeric tags, novel DAC tag, DAC promoter, cloning of salmonella ompC,
  • Making of synthetic HCV polyprotein (~60 Kd)
  • Cloning of recombinant proteins : IFN-b, Proleukin, IFN-alpha2a, IFN-alpha2b, reteplase, betaseron,Glargine, two chain insulin, lispro, aspart, rhG-CSF, rh-PDGF-BB, rhPTH(1-34), rhBNP(1-32), rhGH(191aa)
  • Bovine catalytic Enterokinase. Have cloned more than 50 genes of E. Coli
  • Developed four expression platforms / multiple expression vectors in E. Coli. Troubleshoot high yield expression in E. Coli, Clone stability issues of E. Coli Delivered : rEK, hGH ( -/+Met) clones, G-CSF (-/+Met clones) , PTH , PDGF, BNP , Lucentis , Glargine, EGF, Glucagon, ompC, CRM-197, clones all ~ 2 to 8 gm / Lit in both Amp/ kana env.
  • Cloning of Fabs including lucentis , sequence design reo-pro, novel promoters, novel tags,MCB / WCB characterization, protocol generation for High density fermentation. Eight technologies transferred to scaleup.
Projects In Mammalian Genetics
  • Making of antisense vectors, Cloned more than 20 mammalian genes , transcription factors, regulatory elements, enzymes, reporters, including EF-1 alpha promoter, rat 2,6 SIAT, human 2,6 SIAT, DHFR, hTBP, hALB, h-beta-Globin, hnRNP, hTBP, hTF-II-1, hBTEB, hsp-1, KDEL signal, rat IgG signal, mouse IgG signal, EPO, DARBO, novel mammalian terminator. Developed mammalian platform making ~ 120 mg / Lit protein product Novel transfection techniques.
  • To study the cloning environment of infliximab, bevacizumab, rituximab, adalimumab, trastuzumab, cetuximab, ranibizumab, natalizumab, and omalizumab and design vector / host / ORF compatibility matrices , CDR optimization , ORF optimization , promoter choice, glycosylation , and validate cloning maps.
    • Non-Recombinant Projects
      • Delivered three synthetic peptide products via Fmoc chemistry namely octreotide, bivalirudin, eptifibatide.
      • Involved in synthesis schemes of enfuvirtide, and exenatide. Made high yield acarbose clone, Made high yield orlistat-like clone,
      • Anchored company in trials for : aaaCa , Clopidogrel , Mixed act insulin,
      • Developed retro-synthetic routes for small molecules like : famcyclovir, simvastatin at 0.5 kg scale. Three technologies developed and transferred to scale up.
      MTech Projects
      • Comprehensive study on substance abuse and addiction in subjects to develop promising targets and novel pharmacotherapy targets to treat SUDs. (MTech Thesis, May 2020)
      • Why do anti-fungals fail at primary phase ( MTech Thesis, May 2020)
      • A Rapid Drug Sensitivity Evaluation For Azithromycin In Patients (MTech Thesis, April 2019)
      • Mechanism of Kanamycine drug resistance (MTech Thesis, April 2019)
      • QSAR of ZAP 70 Signalling (MTech Thesis, April 2018)
      • Relevance of pre-grant opposition to project management (MTech Thesis, April 2018)
      • Designing a protocol to increase Shelf Life (MTech Thesis, April 2018)
      • Field stability tests for polymeric container closure (MTech Thesis, April 2018)
      • Relevance of pre-grant opposition to start ups ( MTech Thesis , April 2017 )
      • Topical formulation for viral infection, MEG-Co-feel ( MTech Thesis ,April 2015)
      • Novel topical formulation for neuro and muscular pain, IMAK ( MTech Thesis ,April 2015)

      Administrative Responsibility
      Coaching Xth semester students in job interview preparation.

      Awards & Honours
      1. Recipient of Biotechnology Ignition Grant (BIG) for multi-drug resistance (2014-current)
      2. Recipient of MSME Award for development of culture media for CHO DG44 cells ( 2013-Current)
      3. Jury, Biotech Projects, Confederation Of Indian Industries (C.I.I)(2013-current)
      4. Advisor, Technology Commercialization Facilitation Agency (T.C.F.A) (2013-current)
      5. Member, Indian Science Congress (2013-present)
      6. Head, Technology & Translational Research, KIIT-TBI, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, Orissa (2013-current)
      7. Consulting Director Position Offer, Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
      8. Consultant , Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd.(2010-11)
      9. General Manager, Biotechnology Research Laboratory, USV.(1995-2010)
      10. Member, Mayo Clinic Alumni(1994-current)
      11. Swiss Post Doctoral Fellowship, 1993-4
      12. Instructor, Genetics, Virginia Tech (1991)
      13. NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship, 1992-3
      14. NIH Graduate Fellowship, 1986-91
      15. Member, St. Stephens College Alumni(1982-current)
      16. Member, Bhavanite, Bharatya Vidya Bhavan Alumni(1977-current)
      17. Long Service Award : USV Ltd. ( 1996-2006)
      18. Tata Endowment Scholar 1986
      19. Dept. Of Atomic Energy Fellowship BARC (1983-1985)
      20. Instructor, Physics, St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University ( 1982)
      21. Instructor, Physics, Hindu College, Delhi University(1983)
      22. National Science Scholarship ( 1980-1982)
      23. School topper, Kulpati K.M. Munshi Gold Medal For Science(1977)
      24. School captain, BVB Public School, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, (1976-77)
      25. Letters Of Appreciation from Nobel Laureate, and President Of U.S.A
      26. Letter Of Appreciation from Center For Disease Control, USA

      1. Member, Bhavanite, Bharatya Vidya Bhavan Alumni(1977-current)
      2. Member, St. Stephens College Alumni(1982-current)
      3. Member, Mayo Clinic Alumni(1994-current) ;Member, Indian Science Congress (2013-present)
      4. Jury, Biotech Projects, Confederation Of Indian Industries (C.I.I)(2013-current)
      5. Advisor, Technology Commercialization Facilitation Agency (T.C.F.A) (2013-current).
      6. Prof. Mishra has joined the Amgen talent acquisition team.

      Outreach Activity
      1. Anchoring India’s central COVID management team with: drug technologies, regulatory aspect, safety, toxicity management, from time to time.
      2. Anchor regularly, college students from Kiit as well as other universities in guiding them for their choices in Biotechnology carrier.
      3. Participate with school kids in inspirational story writing and poem writing hobbies.

Journals/Conferences :
LS Rao, S Mishra, MA Borbhuiya, D Mhatre, P Thakur “Affinity polypeptide for purification of recombinant proteins” US Patent App. 2009, 12/161,603.

MP Niphadkar, GS Nazareth, NR Surlikar, MA Borbhuiya, “Low cell density fermentation process for the production of heterologous recombinant proteins in microorganisms” US Patent App. 2011, 13/022,617.

U Sankararaman, D Maiti, M Sankarankutty, R Shekhawat, NK Kopparapu “Orthogonal process for purification of recombinant human parathyroid hormone (rhPTH)(1-34)” 2012, US Patent 8,298,789.

D Maiti, S Mishra, LS Rao, MP Niphadkar, AM Borbhuiya, MY Rao “Process for Purification of Human Growth Hormone” US Patent App. 2008, 11/568,235.

DL Saksena, S Mishra, C Muralidharan, N Patil, NU Mohe, MR Maduskar “Solid phase Fmoc chemistry process to prepare peptides” US Patent, 2011 7,897,724.

LS Rao, S Mishra, M Niphadkar, P Thakur, G Nazareth “Novel Synthetic Expression Vehicle” US Patent App. 2011 13/123,960.

S Mishra, AW Hamburger, “O-phospho-L-tyrosine inhibits cellular growth by activating protein tyrosine phosphatases” Cancer research 53 (3),1993:557-563.

S Mishra, R Mathur, AW Hamburger, “Modulation of the cytotoxic activity of tumor necrosis factor by protein tyrosine kinase and protein tyrosine phosphatase inhibitors.” Lymphokine and cytokine research 13 (2), 1994, 77-83.

S Mishra, AW Hamburger, “Exogenous phosphotyrosine modulates epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine phosphorylation” Carcinogenesis 14 (2), 1993, 269-273.

S Mishra, AW Hamburger, “Role of Intracellular Ca2+ in the Epidermal Growth Factor-Induced Inhibition of Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase Activity in a Breast Cancer Cell Line” Biochemical and biophysical research communications 191 (3), 1066-1072

Books :
Kayaya and Other Tales. Book accepted in US based Prowess Press
Rhymes and Times of Rippling Phonons. Book accepted in US based Prowess Press


Prof. Mishra has formulated six products in the clinic saving lacks of lives:

  • Eptifibatide —– a GpIIb IIIa inhibitor
  • Bivalirudine —–a direct thrombin inhibitor
  • Octreotide —— for Intestinal tumors
  • Neupogen —— an ancealiary treatment for cancers
  • Nulasta———- an ancealiary treatment for cancers
  • Somatropin —- for Turner’s syndrome in girls