My days at KIIT Biotech made me more determined and focused towards my aim of becoming a researcher in future. The meticulous guidance of the professors, interactive sessions conducted by experienced faculty visiting from globally renowned institutes gave me a strong foundation for my research career. KSBT not only helped me to develop a keen interest in understanding science but also helped me develop a pleasant personality that aided me to achieve other life goals.

Sohom Mookherjee

KIIT Biotech has been my Hogwarts, and has shaped me into what I am today. The institution has not only given me education but also relevant life lessons that prepared me for the world outside.

Joydeep Rakshit

Patience, perseverance and hard work are the ideals that have been instilled in me by my alma mater KIIT Biotech. Today, I am living my dream as a Ph.D. scholar and I am forever indebted to my professors for that.

Be it studies or extracurricular, KIIT Biotech has always been instrumental in making its students all-rounders. It has enabled me to overcome my self-doubt, to choose and create my own career path.

Ratula Ray

I am really grateful to my Professors at KIIT Biotech for the support that they have had provided to build up my research interest, which further helped me pave the way to a brighter future

KIIT Biotech will always hold a special place in my life as it not only helped me groom my personality but also enriched my scientific outlook. With excellent guidance and quality infrastructure,  I was able to gain a great understanding of cutting edge research techniques that assisted me in my following endeavors.

Diya Bhattacharyya

“The brilliant academic faculty at KIIT Biotech constantly propelled my curiosity for deeper understanding of logical and scientific concepts, which refined my intellectual self. Besides, the school also provided a great platform for the dancer inside me to grow.

I am grateful to KIIT Biotech for an amazing academic experience full of learning and grooming and also, to the Training & Placement cell for organising the placements so effectively amidst this pandemic, and getting me placed in a company with my exact domain choice.

Dipon Sarkar

The conferences at KIIT Biotech helped me interact with eminent personalities from academia, thereby developing my networking skills and enriching my young mind with knowledge and promise. Presently, I am handling responsibility as the state communication coordinator for Australia’s largest STEM festival- National Science Week and this would not have been possible without necessary skills that I learnt at my alma mater

Soumitra Pathak

Only a few institutes, including the premier ones in India allow undergraduate students to gather hands-on experience of handling the state-of-the-art instruments. We at KIIT Biotech were given access to plenty of that. Also, the support provided by our professors, seniors and friends played a pivotal role for shaping our career.

Soundarya Karamcheti

KIIT Biotech offered me a multifarious research experience and had always been instrumental in shaping my career. Encouraging learning environment and highly experienced faculty members are its chief assets.

Nilotpal Majumder

I thank KIIT Biotech & TBI for providing me with a dynamic and industrially focused platform to learn and experience diverse domains of science and technology. The cutting edge scientific instruments coupled with eminent faculty members and continuous support from friends and seniors offered a healthy learning environment that has been a guiding light in achieving all the milestones that have already passed and the ones that are on my way

Deepanwita Ghosh

During those five years at KIIT Biotech, I gained immense learning opportunities from the faculty members. They have always encouraged me to dream big and with that guidance and excellent teaching pedagogy, I very much look forward to contribute substantially to my society

Swagatika Dash

5 years in KSBT were my roller coaster years of personality development. From providing a suitable niche for academics and research to letting me pursue great projects, the professors have been super supportive and encouraging. Thank you for building an ecosystem where bookish and theoretical knowledge meets it’s practical applications thereby providing a wide spectrum of opportunities.

Kazi Nahid Hasan
Virchow biotech

While marching ahead, we fail, learn, grow and finally win – that’s the life lesson we have been taught at KIIT biotech, a place where academic as well as cultural expertise rises to a zenith. Thus, a big thanks.

Antara Halder

Spending 5 years at KIIT Biotech was enriching as well as rewarding. I gained a lot from the supportive & knowledgeable faculty members. It has well equipped labs coupled with a homely environment and supportive staff that led to my 360-degree development.

Aritra Roy Choudhury

KIIT Biotech has been instrumental for shaping up my career and building my confidence to carry out research in a foreign laboratory. I am grateful to all the faculty members for believing in me and nurturing my skills during my studentship.