Tutor Mentor’s Activities

We have an active tutor-mentor’s programme at school of biotechnology(KSBT), KIIT deemed to be university. Each faculty mentor is assigned to 30~35 students and the international students are guided by the coordinator of international student’s affairs here at KSBT. As a part of this programme, mentors interact with their respective mentees on a regular basis. During this period there is extensive discussion on academic, personal and hostel related issues which the student may be facing regularly. Appropriate advice is given, and parents are informed if needed. These interactive sessions also include career guidance, preparing for qualifying examinations, compiling resumes, application to various universities and industries. Students are advised to remain in close association with the placement cell, KSBT. Another aspect of this programme is identification and frequent assessment of critical mentees. Regular defaulters in class are given warning about the consequences and both parents and the subject teachers are communicated to initiate appropriate actions. Students with history of drug addiction, alcoholism and psychiatric problems are managed more intensely. Regular meetings or communications with the parents are initiated for these students. Further, reports on mentee interactive sessions are sent to the parents so that they are aware about the student’s progress and concerns straightaway.

Parents-Mentor Meeting

An interactive session was conducted with the parents for the school of Biotechnology (KSBT), KIIT Deemed to be University (DU), on 6 th February 2021. Dr. Sucheta Priyabadini, Director, Student Counseling, KIIT DU, Dr. Sasmita Nayak, Coordinator, Tutor mentor’s programme, KSBT and Dr. Srinivas Patnaik, Dean, KSBT were present during the aforementioned session to address to the concerns from the parents.

Several issues were raised by the biotech parents such as difficulties in managing their children at home and keeping them motivated for the online classes. They were anxious to know the approximate time frame for the beginning of offline classes in campus. Dr. Sucheta Priyabadini explained how important it is to have a safe campus life especially for the students and staff during the ongoing pandemic. She also assured the parents that students will be called back to the campus as soon as the COVID-19 crisis gets over and tentatively it might happen after July 2021. The academics related queries from parents were addressed by Dr. Sasmita Nayak. She gave a comprehensive summary of online teaching, especially how the virtual mode of lab classes have been developed and modified to enrich the learning process. Further, she mentioned that the preparatory classes for various competitive exams such as NET, GATE, GRE and TOEFL are scheduled to begin in February 2021. Meanwhile, online mock tests and prep classes by Training & Placement cell, KSBT have began for the final semester students. Parents also enquired about the possibility of students appearing in an improvement exam, since some of the students are having difficulty with online classes. Dr. Nayak informed about the improvement exam scheduled for June 2021. She also highlighted how students may try for online training courses at various institutes to gather research experiences apart from their regular course work provided by KSBT. She advised the students to gain short term training experiences at various research labs inside and outside of KSBT once they are back in the university campus. Finally, she concluded by mentioning the importance of regular interaction session with the respective mentors and how students must contact their mentors for relevant information. Dr. Srinivas Patnaik, Dean, KSBT assured the parents that KSBT as a team is committed to provide quality teaching and learning experience to the students.

Student’s Interaction

An interactive session was conducted with the students from the school of Biotechnology (KSBT), KIIT Deemed to be University (DU), on 22 nd January 2021. Dr. Sucheta Priyabadini, Director, Student Counseling, KIIT DU and Dr. Sasmita Nayak, Coordinator, Tutor mentor’s programme, KSBT were present during the aforementioned session to address to the student queries.

Students expressed their concern about being indoor for a prolonged period due to the ongoing COVID crisis. They were eager to return back to the university campus due to the difficulty in adjusting to the online mode of learning anymore. Dr. Sucheta Priyabadini counselled them to stay calm and explained the consequences of overcrowding in the current scenario, considering the huge student population of KIIT DU including the teaching and non-teaching staff. She also provided few examples where institutes had started the offline classes, but closed immediately due to occurrence of COVID outbreaks. Dr. Sasmita Nayak
also supported her statement and talked about the urgency of the situation that warrants online mode of teaching and learning. She also advised students regarding academics related issues. She highlighted on the new virtual mode of teaching lab classes, where recorded videos are generated by faculties to enhance student learning. She especially suggested the final semester students to explore online workshops and computational learning programmes apart from their course work provided by KSBT. She spoke about doing short term internship projects in various research labs inside and outside of KSBT once the students return back to the university campus. There were also discussion about how students can get in to various activities and hobbies to support their mental health and remain focused. Dr. Nayak mentioned that doubt clearing classes and improvement exams are scheduled to support the students who may need extra help for learning. At the end, students were advised to remain regular during the tutor mentor’s session and contact their respective mentors for guidance.

Student’s Testimonials

Unmod Senapati

I was a student of IMTH (2015-2020) batch. I am grateful to have such an excellent experience of the mentor-mentee programme at KSBT. I am currently engaged as a research assistant at KSBT. it My mentor has piqued my interest in the field of research. She was very supportive about my thoughts and topics of interest. She also guided me towards my current research lab and my current research advisor. She has guided me both professionally and personally in handling many grievous situations. I thank the mentor-mentee programme at KSBT to provide me such an enthralling opportunity to bond with one of the finest mentors of KSBT.

Smrutiranjan Behera

I was a student of MSc in Applied Microbiology (MIC) 2017-2019 batch. I am currently working at COVID-19 testing centre, under Health & family welfare department of Odisha at Capital Hospital as a medical microbiologist,
since February 2020. After obtaining my MSc. degree, I was very worried about getting a job. I consulted my mentor who has mentored me since the first day of my student life at KSBT. I am so grateful that when I was so worried about my job, she guided me really well during those difficult times. She motivated me to stay focussed and further enrich my knowledge. I am very happy with my current job and I was able to achieve this due to her guidance and trust in me. I thank my mentor for being a great role model for me. I am extremely grateful to the mentor-mentee programme at KSBT.

Smruti Ranjan Das

I was a student of IMTH (2015-2020) batch. I am extremely pleased to have been a part of the mentor-mentee programme at KSBT. I am currently working as a project fellow at IIT Bhubaneswar. I am very grateful to my mentor for always guiding me and inspiring me to strive forward. I am lucky that my mentor allowed me to analyse my own weakness and worked with me to overcome this. Apart from the academic
issues she also helped me solve personality issues like stage fear, hesitation to interact socially etc. I truly appreciate the mentor-mentee programme at KSBT that has truly helped in my overall growth.

Jhilik Mandal

Hi, I am Ms. Jhilik Mandal, currently engaged as Junior scientific officer at Pathkind Labs. I was joined KIIT, school of Biotechnology in M.Sc applied microbiology department from 2018 to 2020. KIIT, the most beautiful chapter of my life, from where I experienced about Research and Industrial placement, The best part of this 2 years journey is that my mentor, who guided me in every possible way. Not only in education but also in career choosing, what all I can do and what should I do. Being a mentor, she had given me the exposure of Research Lab to show me what is Research & what all attitude you should have. I am thankful to her & I missed a mentor like her. No matter what & no matter where I go, I will follow her words and will be a KIITian by heart forever,