Bhawna Gupta

Associate Professor

Dr Gupta completed her doctoral studies at IGIB and University of Delhi in 2008 and worked diligently for understanding the role of immune cells in diseases and homeostasis. She gained a vast experience during her postdoctoral tenure while working at different international laboratories including CHUV, Lausanne, Switzerland; Dept of Bichemistry, University of Lausanne, Switzerland and Biocity, Finland. She worked to understand tumor immunology, human innate/adaptive immune responses during diseased conditions and published a number of peer reviewed scientific research articles and patents. She currently has a research laboratory at the School of Biotechnology wherein, together with her research team of PhD students and clinicians, she works to understand the pathogenesis, progression, diagnosis and prognosis of autoimmune diseases with special emphasis on autoimmune inflammatory joint disorder rheumatoid arthritis. Her research project has been constantly funded by a number of government research funding agencies and consultancy firms. Using her expertise, Dr Gupta has been teaching and training graduate and post graduate students at the School of Biotechnology since 2014. She has been helping students learn the concepts and techniques needed to understand human immunology, cellular processes, human genomics and proteomics. Using her competence she has been as well training the students to master effective communication skills and discern the correct ways of writing scientific research articles. Dr Gupta has been remarkably managing the hostel facilities for the girls studying at the School of Biotechnology.

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