Namrata Misra

Associate Professor

Dr. Misra received her Master’s Degree from Banaras Hindu University and PhD in Life Sciences from Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR); CSIR-IMMT and Post Doctorate fellowship from Science and Engineering Research Board,DST Government of India. Her research focuses is on study of vital metabolic pathways and in-depthsequence-structural analysis of underpinning enzymes and their functional annotation using computational approach. The lab performs comparative phylogenomic across diverse microalgal genomes in order to identify putative lipid biosynthetic enzymes which are potential genetic engineering targets for improved algal biofuel production and also to unravel the evolution of animal and plant genomes on the large scale. It has been observed that more complete and valuable information about the function of enzymes can be gained if the sequences and structures are examined more thoroughly by employing various bioinformatics tools and databases. She along with her team members are also working on the development of various cutting-edge computations tools, databases and webservers to systematically analyzeand derive knowledge from massive biological sequence data accumulating from genomics project in order to improve understanding of various metabolic processes and to facilitate further experimental research by providing computational predictions. Currently, Dr. Misra lab is Implementing immunoinformatic and reverse vaccinology approaches for identification of immunogenic B and T cell epitopes which are potential future candidates for development of peptide-based vaccines to combat multiple infectious diseases. All selected promiscuous epitopes are studied computationally to know their immunogenicity, antigenicity, allergenicity, conservancy and toxicity potentials for the development of chimeric subunit vaccine

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