Sankha Chakrabortty

Assistant Professor

Dr. Sankha Chakrabortty has done his PhD from NIT Durgapur in the year of 2017 as an DST INSPIRE FELLOW also successfully done his Post Doc work from CSIR-CMERI as a National Post Doc Fellow in the year of 2019. Now Dr. Chakrabortty is working as Assistant Professor and also working as a leading researcher in the field of environmental engineering, membrane technology and green technology in KIIT School of Biotechnology/Chemical Technology. His specialization is on water treatment technology with an experience of more than ten years. He has published his research work in more than 22 SCI journals and also filed 6 Patents based on his research development, one of them has already granted. Moreover, he has 3 book chapters in his name. Recently, published one book as a Co-Editor.

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Educational Qualification
Ph.D., Post Doc.

  1. University Grant Commission (UGC) Start-Up Research Grant, Title: Green Synthesis of Vanillin by Solar Photo-catalytic Reforming of Lignocellulosic Biomass, Project value: 10 Lakhs, June-2020 to June-2022 (ongoing)
  2. SERB, DST, Government of India Sponsored Project, Title: Capture and Conversion of CO2 to Methanol through Photocatalyst and Solar driven Membrane System, Project value: 20 Lakhs. August-2017 to July-2019 (Completed).
  3. M/S Satyam Iron & Steel Co. Pvt. Ltd. and M/S Satyam Smelters (P) Ltd. sponsored project, Title: Installation of 2 Nos Improved Iron Removal Plant on Market Seeding at Satyam Iron & Steel Co. Ltd., Project Value: 2 Lakhs; January-2018 to June-2018, (Completed)

Awards & Honours
  1. Awarded as “SCIENTISTS OF THE YEAR AWARD SASE 2023” by National Environmental Science Academy, India, 2023.
  2. Awarded as “Hiyoshi Young Leaf Award 2022” from Hiyoshi Corporation (Japan), November, 2022.
  3. Award for EXCELLENCE IN RESEARCH in 10 th Faculty Branding Awards-2022, Education-expo TV, August, 2022.
  4. Awarded as “STE Young Researcher Award-2021 (Faculty Category)” by Save the Environment (STE), India, january-2022
  5. Honored as Guest Lecturer in the Amirkabir University of Technology (Autumn School, Wastewater Filtration), Tehran, Iran, 19th December, 2021
  6. Awarded as “Environmentalist of the Year-2021” by National Environmental Science Academy, India, Dec. 2021
  7. Awarded as “Young Scientist 2020” by National Environmental Science Academy, India, December 2020
  9. Awarded as Dr. DS KOTHARI POST DOC FELLOW (Post-Doc), University Grant Commission (UGC), 2019
  10. Awarded as National Post-Doctoral Fellow (Post-Doc), SERB-DST, Government of India, 2017
  11. Best Research Paper Award (One Plaque and 1000-euro cash prize), SPRINGER Publisher, 2016.
  12. DST-INSPIRE Fellowship for doctoral study (for university Topper), Department of Science and Technology, 2012
  13. Gold Medal and Rank Certificate (University topper) National Institute of Technology Durgapur, 2011.
  14. Awarded as Best Domain paper for the year of 2014-2016, Awarded by BioMedLib™ journal.
  15. Qualified Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE), Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Score: 496, All India Rank: 446: Percentile: 97.5

  1. Life membership of Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (Membership Number: LM-65320)
  2. Life membership of National Environmental Science Academy (L/M Number: 2053)
  3. Life membership Asia Society of Researchers (Senior Member Number: R219022601)
  4. Life membership of International Association of Engineers (Membership Number:120928).
  5. Life membership of Scientific and Technical Research Association (Membership Number: STRA-M19400)
  6. Life membership of Teaching and Education Research Association: Membership Number (TERA-M19970)
  7. Life membership of HKCBEE Society (Membership Number: 202344)

Outreach Activity
  1. Active Reviewer of Elsevier Publisher
  2. Book Editor
  3. Active Member of a Review Panel in AIP proceedings

Journals/Conferences :
1.Chakrabortty, Sankha, Nayak, Jayato, Pal, Parimal, Kumar, Ramesh, Banerjee, Shirsendu, Mondal, Preetam Kumar, Pal, Madhubanti, Ruj, Biswajit. ""Catalytic conversion of CO2 to biofuel (methanol) and downstream separation in membrane-integrated photoreactor system under suitable conditions"". International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 45.1 (2020):675-690
2.Chakrabortty, Sankha, Nayak, Jayato, Kumar, Ramesh, Banerjee, Shirsendu, Chakraborty, Prasenjit, Sardar, Moumita, Pal, Parimal, Ruj, Biswajit. “Photocatalytic Conversion of CO2 to Methanol using Membrane-Integrated Green Approach: A Review on Capture, Conversion and Purification”. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering,
3.Chakrabortty, Sankha, Roy, Mousumi, Pal, Parimal. “Removal of fluoride from contaminated groundwater by cross flow nanofiltration: Transport modeling and economic evaluation”. Desalination 313 (2013):115–124
4.Chakrabortty, Sankha, Pal, Madhubanti, Roy, Mousumi, Pal, Parimal. “Water treatment in a new flux-enhancing, continuous forward osmosis design: Transport modelling and economic evaluation towards scale up’. Desalination, 365 (2015): 329–342,
5.Pal, Parimal, Chakrabortty, Sankha, Linnanen, Lassi. “A nanofiltration–coagulation integrated system for separation and stabilization of arsenic from groundwater”. Science of the Total Environment, 476–477 (2014):601–610.
6.Chakrabortty, Sankha, Sen, Mou, Pal, Parimal. “Arsenic removal from contaminated groundwater by membrane-integrated hybrid plant: optimization and control using Visual Basic platform” Environment Science & Pollution Research, 21(5) (2014): 3840-57.
7.Chakrabortty, Sankha, Pal, Madhubanti, Roy, Mousumi, Pal, Parimal. “Fluoride in groundwater: low-cost separation and stabilization by response surface optimization” International Journal of Environment Science and Technology, 13 (2016) 813–824.
8.Thakura, Ritwik, Chakrabortty, Sankha, Pal, Parimal. “Treating complex industrial wastewater in a new membrane-integrated closed loop system for recovery and reuse”. Clean Technology Environ Policy, 17 (2015): 2299–2310.
9. Roy, Mousumi, Chakrabortty, Sankha. “Developing a sustainable water resource management strategy for a fluoride-affected area: a contingent valuation approach”. Clean Technology Environment Policy, 16 (2014): 341–349.
10.Pal, Madhubanti, Chakrabortty, Sankha, Pal, Parimal. Linnanen, Lassi. “Purifying fluoride-contaminated water by a novel forward osmosis design with enhanced flux under reduced concentration polarization” Environment Science & Pollution Research, 22(15) (2015):11401-11.

Books :
Nayak, Jayato , Roy, Zunipa, Chakrabortty, Sankha. “Versatility in the World of Chemical Engineers: Principle of Chemical Engineering”. LAP LAMBERT ACADEMIC PUBLISHING, USA, ISBN: 978-620-2-51797-3 (2020)

Patents: 08
1. PAL, Parimal, CHAKRABORTTY, Sankha, A high flux low energy osmotic system for arsenic removal at low cost, Patent no: 333616, 1003/KOL/2014 (Granted)

2. CHAKRABORTTY, Sankha and RUJ, Biswajit, A process for the development of hydrogen exfoliation graphene based photocatalyst, Patent No. : 406569 Grant Date: 14.09.2022 201811046955 (Granted)

3. CHAKRABORTTY, Sankha and RUJ, Biswajit, A process for the synthesis of graphene based nano-catalyst and use thereof in high methanol production, 201811047387, 16/12/2019 (Filed)

4. RUJ, Biswajit, DEBBARMA, Swarup Ranjan, CHAKRABORTTY, Sankha and MONDAL, Preetam Kumar, A composition for high strength concrete blocks utilizing arsenic and iron-rich sludge and a process for the preparation thereof, 201911040875, 10/10/2019 (Filed)

5. RUJ, Biswajit, DEBBARMA, Swarup Ranjan, CHAKRABORTTY, Sankha and MONDAL, Preetam Kumar, Thermal treatment towards safe disposal of arsenic-rich sludge and its process thereof, 202011009039, 03/03/2020 (Filed)

6. RUJ, Biswajit, DEBBARMA, Swarup Ranjan, CHAKRABORTTY, Sankha and SAHA, Arup, A process for the safe disposal of fluoride-rich sludge and its use thereof in concrete block production, 201913053662, 24/12/2019 (Filed)

7. Nitika Tiwari, Sanjay Sarkar, Kali Sashank, Kundan Samal, Sanjib Moulick, Benu Gopal Mohapatra, Shirsendu Banerjee, Sankha Chakraborty, Sasmita Samant, P. K. Mohapatra, Suraj Kumar Tripathy, METAL DOPED FECAL SLUDGE BIOCHAR FOR TREATMENT OF WATER, E106/5/2022/KOL (202231000798), 06/01/2022

8. Meerambika Behera, Shirsendu Banerjee, Smrutirekha Mishra, Arvind Tripathy, Sankha Chakraborty, Suraj Kumar Tripathy, A NOVEL NANO-COMPOSITE FOR CATALYTIC REDUCTION OF ORGANIC MOLECULES, 202231035673, Date: 22/06/2022

Guest Lectures Delivered: 03

  • Delivered Guest Lecture to the Amirkabir University of Technology (Autumn School, Wastewater Filtration), Tehran, Iran, 19 th December, 2021
  • Delivered Guest Lecture in  “Environmental Technology NewsHour (Episode 2)” event, Thailand.
  • Delivered Guest Lecture in a Faculty Development Programme organized by Sandip University, Madhubani and SR University, Warangal 27th July, 2022.