Madhuchhanda Mohanty

Faculty Associate

"After completion of Bachelor degree in Computer Science & Engineering (BE) in 2002, I spent few years in teaching profession in different engineering colleges for Computer Science subject. In 2012, I got an opportunity to pursue full time two years (2012-14) Master programme in Bioinformatics with 120 credits from prestigious Lund University, Sweden. First year included course works (60 credits) and second year fully devoted to research project(60 credits).

Currently, I am teaching Bioinformatics and Computer Science subjects(Theory and Computing Lab) in School of Biotechnology, KIIT University.

My areas of specialisations are :

1) Software development, programming in different languages(Perl, R, Java, Python, C, C++, BASIC, COBOL, FORTRAN, SQL, C#.NET, VB.NET,Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro, BlueJ, Bash) 2) Web development(Java Script and its library JQuery, VB Script, HTML, DHTML, XML) 3) Data communication techniques(AJAX and CGI) 4) RDBMS(Oracle, SQLite) 5) Communication and data transfer(FTP commands) 6) Working in different operating systems(MS-DOS, Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac OS X) 7) Cygwin based applications 8) Working with different docking and Molecular simulation tools

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Educational Qualification
Master in Bioinformatics(2012-2014), Lund University, Sweden; Degree of Engineering in Computer Science(BE), Utkal University(1998-2002)

Research Projects Completed
  1. Developed a software using C++ that identifies Orthologous genes in organisms, first by identifying similar sequences with BLAST or another similarity based method and then investigate if the similar sequences share synteny. Incorporation of the program into a web application using HTML, jquery, javascript, vbscript, CGI, CSS (Lund University, 2013-14).
  2. Analysis of Transcriptome of Paxillus involutus (Applied work of 15 credits) (Lund University, Sweden, 2012).
  3. SQLite searchable database from JGI gff and kog annotated tab files for a couple of organisms ( Lund University, Sweden, 2013).
  4. MY GREETINGS CONNECT AND DATABASE Language: C#.NET University: Malmo University, Sweden.
5) MY GREETINGS CONNECT AND DATABASE Language: VB.NET University: Malmo University, Sweden."

Awards & Honours
  1. Master Certificate from Lund University with Distinction(2012-14).
  2. Programming Course Certificate from Malmo University with Distinction(2011).
  3. Awarded National Scholarship in High School Certificate Examination (1995-1997).

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Outreach Activity
Mentoring students.
Journals/Conferences :
"Mohanty, Madhuchhanda, ""OrthoGroup SEARCH: Identification of Orthologous genes using Synteny"", (2014) BINP32 20131